I love being an artist.  But I have to say I am first and foremost a philosopher, a “barefoot philosopher”.  Related to my creative process, I am reading some books I had for very long time (but did not have time to read most of them yet), some of them are about Aesthetics. As I am glancing through some comments and overviews about Aesthetics and philosophy in general, it just came to me that I should say a few words about my thoughts. I will give a title “Declaration of Independence” (as it is “Independence Day”).

What I am declaring independence from? In summary, it is from confusions, manipulations and dominations. Let me explain.  For sometimes, I am trying to analyzing misconceptions in cultures that could led to misunderstanding of the world that could be the causes of all the problems in the world. My first focus is religion.  What is the most significant difference between humans and animals?  In my opinion, it is reason, logic.  By reasoning and following logic, humans gained more and more knowledge about the world, and passed on the knowledge to others mainly through language.  But religion in essence is against logic, because all religions presume there are “mysteries things” in the world that are beyond logic, and “supernatural force (or forces)” are the reasons caused these “mysteries things” to happen.  So, when I read that Existentialism claiming that reasons are indistinguishable from religion, and the “death of God” means that humans should abandon reason, I have to say something.

Now, I like to say there are so many misconceptions in the fundamentals of the cultures in the world.  Misunderstanding about religions is a very important one.  But there are others as well, for example, the concept of freedom.  In my view, for “freedom” to be a positive word, or even for it to have any real meaning, it should be defined as the freedom to do the right things. It is quite simple, if every one can insist on the “freedom” of doing anything possible, then the world could be quite intolerable to everyone.

How to do right things?  The most important thing is reasoning.  One can only find out what are the right things by reasoning.  But first, one needs to have the desire to do right things, as it is basically impossible to accomplish anything without the will power to do so. Without the desire to do something, one will not willingly do anything.

Where would this desire come from?  It could come from the understanding of what being human really means.  For me, the most important things of being a human are love and reason, and the love about reasoning is the most important thing.

So, I am declaring my independence, and want to have true freedom, because what I love the most is reasoning.


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