I have said many times that there is no true “civilization” in the world.  Needless to say, there is no true “democracy” either.  But it is not due to lack of trying.  There are many reasons why the world is as it is now.  If I have to summarize, then misconception in the culture system(s) would be the fundamental reason.


I have written about this subject in my previous posts under the title “About Emma”.  So, now, I am going to summarize my points at the beginning of the posts under the new title “About Emma and Beyond”, hence the title “A New Beginning”.  But this title has another meaning, which is trying to change the world in a new way (with summary of the points of I made in the previous posts and from more posts later.)

My main point is, we don’t really need a complicated system of “moral rules”.  All we need is following the basic principles of Love and Reason.  Here, I am not going to talk about “Reason” (as I don’t think I need to spend too much time about “Reason”, because “Reason” has been the focus point in various times in history.)  But I do think I need to talk about “Love”. In fact, I think confusion about “Love” is basically the reason why there are so many problems in the world.  And, if I have to trace the root of this problem, then I will conclude it is the world is controlled by men who are afraid of women (I have talked about this matter before, and I will talk about this more in my future posts.)

But the “Love” I am talking about now is not “love”, the “intimate love” between a men and a woman, or between two people related to sexual experiences.  The “Love” I am talking about is the summary of all kinds of love that human could experience, and my definition of this “Love” is that it is a “good will”, which means that the kind of emotions that would lead people to choose to do things that will lead to good results.

I say this concept is important and fundamental is because if people really know this “Love”, then with reason, all the problems in the world could be solved (I will try to illustrate this point in my later posts.)  Within this concept, the most important thing is the “Love” of oneself.

I came to this conclusion when I was contemplating on the meaning of “true love”.  I realized the most important thing about “true love” is one has to truly “Love” oneself.  Or, to put in it in another way, “true love” starts and ends with that one must know the meaning of “Love”, which means one must know how to “Love” oneself first.  Then, the principle is very simple, one should always do things that would make one a better people.  Or, in most practical sense, one would not do bad things no matter what would the “prize” or” reason”.

I say there is no true “democracy” because there is no real “consent” in any “democracy” (compromises are used as substitutes instead).  And, the reason of this problem is there are very few people that are really “civilized” (if any).  I will write about this point more in detail in my future posts.  For example, I can analyze many “common believes” to illustrate that they violate the basic principles of Love and Reason.

Here, I will just use one example to illustrate this point.  What is the purpose of the “teaching” of the “original sin”?  I have talked about this matter in my previous posts.  But here, I want to give another reason.  The reason is, to prevent people from being able to Love themselves.  Making asking questions an “original sin” not only would discourage people from thinking for themselves, insisting that everyone is born with “original sin” would generate “guilt” in people’s mind, hence reduce people’s ability of loving themselves.

By the way, if my understanding about “eastern culture” is correct (since I cannot say now that I understand all the “eastern cultures”), then I can make another rebuttal about the “teaching” of “original sin”.  What I am saying is, the story of “original sin” does not make sense because “eastern culture” (or at least Chinese culture) basically is a mechanism that prevents people from asking questions.  Then, it does not seem like that people in “eastern culture” have the problem of “original sin”.  Or, at least in a lesser degree.  But why it seems that people in the “eastern culture” suffered more in general?

People might say that the reason people in “eastern culture” suffered or are suffering a lot is because they did not know or believe Jesus.  This would certainly open another can of worm.  I think the question regarding how to achieve “salvation” is another problem that Christianity is not able to deal with.  I recently read that the key point of disagreement been Roman Catholic Church and protestant churches is regarding this matter.  It was said that the protestant churches emphasize the “grace of God” or the “salvation” solely based on “belief”.  Then, what is happening in United States seems to be a mockery of this “belief”.  Would people who claim that they “believe” Jesus but act contrary to Jesus’ teaching go to heaven, versus people who act according to Jesus’ teaching but do not “believe” that God exists?  {And, of course, if people sinned, could they really buy forgiveness?  Would their money be tainted, thus whoever takes their money, including the Church would be tainted?}

Interestingly, there are similar problems with “eastern culture”, or at least Chinese culture, as well.  In this culture, the emphasis is to obey parents and ancestors.  But what if the parents are wrong?  And, if Adam and Eve sinned, then would not people who obey them also sin?  But they are following the “Order of God” not asking questions.  My point is, if we are really using reasons, there would be many questions about these religions or “traditions”.  This is probably why people are forbidden from asking questions.


I want to explain in a little detail why “Self-Love” could change the world.  First, I want to point out that the purpose of the existing “moral rule” seems to have a very serious problem, because it targets the wrong end.  Instead of setting up a minimum standard for everyone, it tries to set up standard that most people would not be able or unwilling to meet, because it is often again reason (for example, it is often against self interests).  Then the society would “expect” these very few people to “save” the “sinners”.  It did not work, and it would not work.  The reason is, it is easier to destroy things than to build things.  So, it might only take very few “bad people” (depending on the definition of bad people) to mess up the world that there would not be enough “good people” to save the world.

But how will “Self-Love” really change the world?  Any kind of love comes with “expectations”.  So, if people really Love themselves, then they would have expectation for themselves not to do bad things.  And, if the society is set up correctly (including come into agreement of what are “bad things” following the basic principles of Love and Reason, and not putting people in difficult situations), then there would be certain things no one would ever do.  This would provide positive environment that less and less bad things will happen.  In effect, true “civilization” would be possible, and true “Democracy” would be possible.

I want to clarify that I am not arguing that the emphasis of the culture system is to assure people to do the bare minimum.  Quite to the contrary.  What I am say is, by emphasizing “Self-Love”, people in different circumstances and with different aspirations would decide for themselves what to do and not to do, and would do so willingly, passionately, and rid of pretentious.  As I said before, if I have to add one more thing to the principles of being human, it is to respect the truth.  I did not say this is the basic principle because if people are really following the basic principles of Love and Reason, they would reach to this conclusion.  But it does not seem to be the case for many people.



September 27, 2019




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