I often try to find one problem that caused the problems in the world. Although it is often not so simple, sometimes, such a problem exists. This time, “objectiveness”, or the ability of being mutual, or rather, the inability of doing so is what I found to be the problem.

The problem is rather obvious by the word “objective”, the multiple meanings of it. “Objective” also means oppose, thus suggests that one cannot be “objective” (mutual) without oppose something. Hence, being mutual seems impossible.

In fact, the “moral system” itself means biased system, or systematic bias. People assert certain “virtues” as “moral”, and people having these “virtues” are deemed “worthy”.  So, it is basically impossible to be “objective” (mutual) in the current culture system.

This is the cause of all the problems in the world because if people cannot agree on anything (not be able to the mutual), then there will be chaos.  The obviously example is, people always try to prove they are better than other people, but there were never agreements on this matter.

This problem can be seen in “Emma” when Emma was having a disagreement with Mr. Knightly on whether woman can say no to marriage proposals, and the subsequent events. What is the unique in “Emma” is that they tried to reach an agreement in true sense. But in the end, I don’t think they succeeded. What I meant is, although they agreed with each other, they did not solve the underlining problems. Thus this agreement is based on mutual bias, not mutual agreement.

The disagreement between Emma and Mr. Knightly in essence is not about themselves, but about Harriet Smith, and in the end, the problem remains where they found it. First, Mr. Knightly’s “heroic” behavior was in essence dishonest, because he did not intend to consider her as potential “love match” but only pretend to do so.

In the end, it is really the merit system in the culture system that is the problem. People are measured by something, although it might be ambiguous, there are something there. No one cannot truly agree on it, which keep everyone in peace, but in chaos at the same time.

How to solve this problem? Get rid of the merit based system.  The only way to measure something is the right way. The “merit based” system added a value to everything, and use this value to measure things. But because this value does not actually exist, nobody can agree on it, which creates chaos.

In this case, the “merit” of Harriet Smith should not matter when we are talking about marriage of her.  What does matter? Whether the marriage is right for her. Hence, understanding should be one of the most important things.  She is not right for Mr. Knightly not because she is not “worthy”, but because they did not understand each other, and Mr. Knightly should take the blame, because he misrepresented his intention.



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