Qin Zhang


I like to combine my interests in philosophy and photography, with reference to my love and appreciation for arts in my work.  Most of my works tend to be minimalist and somewhat conceptual.  Some have more expressionist touch, where I will be expressing my emotions and thoughts.   There are other pieces where I am most emotional neutral, and ask the viewers to investigate the psychological and emotional impacts the images will generate.  There might be some cross over pieces where I am expressing my thoughts and emotions, but also inviting viewers’ own interpretations.

My recent works are related to my thoughts in philosophy.  Recently, I started contemplating the possibility of culture “reconstruction”, in response to the phenomenon and criticism of “destructionism”, as part of my effort in developing “real humanism”.  At this stage, my efforts are mostly concentrating on analyzing the existing cultures and the mechanisms related to them.  I have observed that although “destructionism”  criticizes the existing culture, it still did not escape some basically assumptions of the existing cultures.  So, it often leads to nihilism in some sense, while maintaining the basic culture structure in the same time. For example, the discussions that attempt to “reject God” still cannot escape the assumption of “God”.  My goal is to understand how errors and manipulations was weaved into the existing culture, and how existing culture was “mystified”, in order to “de-mystify” and “sterilize” the existing culture.


Human Bondage I



Observation: “I”

California Dreaming: “A Fantastical Dream”